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A Sea Change

A radical transformation, for which I have no control.


    ARIEL [sings]:

        But doth suffer a sea-change
        Into something rich and strange. 


            Shakespeare, 1610, The Tempest


Materials: String, salt, water, glass jar, metal rod


Salt is an essential mineral for life. Each human body contains approximately .4 per cent of the body’s weight of table salt (approximately 40 teaspoons), a concentration equivalent to sea water. 


The sculpture is comprised of 59 suspended salt formations with the 60th forming. Each formation represents one year of the artist’s life. Each piece was created with an artist-crocheted structure representing the plans she made for that year. Then the item was submerged in salt water, some for months, allowing the salt to crystalize naturally, altering the form of the individual piece. Some formations represent years with significant challenges, while others were small and delicate. Each tells a story.

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