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Public Art Practice

The focus of my public art is defining the site with a cultural and historical reference that resonates with the local community. The concepts of Creative Placemaking are integral to my work. Two public art projects have received a Las Vegas Mayor’s Urban Design Awards for Public Art. The first award was in 2008.  I was a design team member with Dayo Adelaja, Sylvester Collier and Adolfo R. Gonzalez for the sculpture "Ancestral Gateway." The second award was in 2011 for "Flourish", a cultural urban trail consisting of twelve sidewalk enhancements along the Cultural Corridor. I have completed 9 public art projects to date.


The flourishes herald Las Vegas’ desire to further develop and celebrate its cultural community and entities.  These embellishments provide the grand gesture in the tradition of iconic Las Vegas and are a nod to the prevalence of this design element in many historic neon signs at the Neon Museum.   Beginning with the Old Mormon Fort celebrating the endurance and resourcefulness of its early settlers. this trail is representative of the intersection of human endeavor, expression and survival.