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Social Practice

I am a socially-engaged artist who relishes working with community to create artwork that not only enhances their lives, but also the greater population. Issue based artwork allows for communities to articulate their perspective(s), which provides opportunities for them to become their own agent of change. Community is defined here as any number of individuals who share some commonality either defined by location, organizational relationship or any demographic classification.

Social Practice work is based on the artist amplifying the community's voice by placing it in a framework of the artist's design. 

The Human Tapestry

"The Human Tapestry of Gender and Sexual Identity", the weaving in progress at The Studio, Sahara West Library exhibit titled Unraveling Identity. Exhibit attendees were asked to add to our understanding of humanity by selecting the ribbon or ribbons that most closely defines who they were or who they would be if current social constraints were not in place. Then they weaved their ribbons in the community loom. Together we created a visual language of humans true nature.